Legacy4 Technical Bulletin
InterActive Technical Bulletin
Legacy4 Alternative Insertion Options
InterActive Technical Bulletin
GoDirect Mini Flapless Surgery Technique
Guided Surgery Handles Kit Videos - Lecture and Hands-on Demo
New Swish Surgical Tray (SPCST and SPST)
New Surgical Tray Layout for Spectra-System®, Legacy™, RePlus® and ReActive® Implants
GPS™ Internal Insertion Instructions
GPS® Abutment Dimensions
Swish System Surgical Protocols
Treatment Options for Restoring Edentulous Jaws
Restore edentulous mandible using ScrewIndirect
New Packaging for RePlant™ Implant
Use of Drills & Score Lines Download
ScrewPlus Straight Abutment Transfers and Analogs
ScrewIndirect and Screw-Receiving Abutments
RePlant Straight Abutment Transfers and Analogs
Procedures for using Angled Contoured Abutments
Selection of 30-60-90 degree offset Tri-lobe Abutments
Spectra-System Schematics
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