1. SwishTapered


    Compare SwishTapered vs. Straumann Bone Level Tapered

    Simply brilliant Straumann®-compatible1 design

    Multi-functional carrier serves as a transfer as well as an indexing tool

    Internal octagon connection offers tissue-level compatibility

    Lightly textured neck for versatility to place ether tissue-level or bone-level

    Micro-threads reduce crestal stress and increase initial stability

    Cutting grooves provide surgical simplicity – eliminates need for bone-tapping

    SBM textured surface has over 20 years of clinical success

    Wider product portfolio with 6mm length and 5.7mm diameter options for minimal invasiveness and immediate molar replacement

    All-in-1 Packaging included implant, cover screw, healing collar, and carrier/transfer

    1 Restrictions apply for 3.3mm and 5.7mm diameters. Surgically compatible with exception of Bone Level Tapered drills.
    Straumann® is an international trademark by Institut Straumann AG.